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Here you can find PoU regional dispatches.

See the Dispatch Archive for previous months.

Dispatch #20 - June 2005 - by Daniel Gray

More information is filtering in from priests in Havenhill regarding
the plague that continues to affect the refugee camp outside the city
walls. Despite the best efforts of the military, the Church of Ulaa
and the Talons of Retribution, the plague continues to confound
experts. Many of the foodstuffs that have been brought in to feed the
refugees have been quarantined for further investigation, causing the
military to institute rationing of the remaining food until more can
be brought in from the western provinces.

Business at the Stuck Pig is down and those customers who remain say
they've seen an increase in troop movements out of the city as orders
seem to come in daily. According to one reservist, all active duty
personnel have been ordered to various locations within the military
structure to await further orders.

In addition, there is a flurry of activity within the capital city of
Gryrax as engineers have gathered at the port, apparently to determine
how best to expand the docks. Rumors continue to come in that the
Principality's Royal Navy have been successful in capturing several
Pomarj pirate ships and that they are working to refit them for
commission with the Navy itself.

On the front, several adventurers claim to have found and eliminated a
camp of Pomarj insurgents near the Disputed territory. The camp was
found, if reports are to be believed, with the help of a roaming band
of winged humanoids, who apparently left the borders of the
Principality soon after. More information as it becomes available.

On a lighter note, members of the Bardic College reportedly discovered
a book of long lost songs and plays from renowned Dwarven Bard, Rodok
Godsoath. The heads of the College are going over the find, trying to
assess its authenticity.

Heavy rains in the area of the small village of Appleton caused a
portion of the ground to collapse, revealing previously unearthed
catacombs beneath the village's graveyard. A small girl that had been
playing near the graves was caught unawares and fell into the
catacombs below. Tragedy was averted, however, when a band of
adventurers braved the underground passages and successfully rescued
the girl.

More news out of Havenhill, as the Stone and Anvil tavern has
announced a partnership with a newly formed drama company. Run by
brothers Gimble and Hiram Murnig, the basement of the tavern has been
transformed into the Stone and Anvil Theater. Early reviews are

Finally, in Gryrax, officials are in a tizzy as they prepare for the
official presentation ceremony of infant prince Saroenn Corond. The
young prince will be presented early next month in a ceremony in
Gryrax, and officials from all over the Principality are expected to
attend. Early word seems to dictate that the current Prince,
Olinstaad Corond, will make an appearance at the festivities, despite
earlier rumors that he had fallen ill and would be unable to attend.

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