Regional Rules

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Metagame organizations and opportunities for the Principality of Ulek.

Temple Hegemony 

The Principality of Ulek has a long religious tradition stretching back to the days before the establishment of the area as a nation. As the premier dwarven realm of the Flanaess, the Principality of Ulek serves as a bastion of the dwarven pantheon, all the while serving the spiritual needs of its many others inhabitants. The Temple Hegemony is a catchall term that refers to the collection of all faiths in the Principality of Ulek under the Office of the Bishopric and the Civic Temples. This includes all major and minor faiths of the realm, as well as all non-evil cults within the Principality of Ulek, since their worship is allowed by the Civic Temples.

The Temple Hegemony metaorg document does not detail any of the individual faiths in the Principality of Ulek, serving instead as a general organization for those who do not follow any of the established churches, or are awaiting the creation of a detailed write-up of their church and faith.

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