Regional Rules

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Metagame organizations and opportunities for the Principality of Ulek.

Keepers of the Soul Forge

“When all else fails, faith in His Holiness the Creator shall bring order to chaos, strength to the meek, and kindness to those in despair. May the strength of the Earth forge our souls into instruments of his will”.

Patriarch Cedrick Rocksoul

The Keepers of the Soul Forge are the instrument by which Moradin guides his people. The Principality of Ulek has embraced the guidance offered by the order’s various representatives. The strength of faith and battle prowess that is demonstrated by its members is second to none. These masters of faith represent all that it means to be dwarven, and guide their fellows not as their betters, but as their brothers and sisters. They protect their family, their fellow dwarves, guide them in matters of faith, and strengthen their resolve when all looks grim. The family that is the Moradin Faith is strong and shall continue to be strong throughout the ages. From political advisors to master tacticians, from pillars of faith to masters of magical craftsmanship, all dwarves originate from the Creator’s forge, and thus their strength is found and crafted in the Soul Forge.

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