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All Core scenarios available to the LG Campaign.

Read the procedure for Ordering Regional and Meta-regional Scenarios

Year 4 - 594 CY

  • COR4-01 Shedding Scales by Shawn Merwin 
    A knightly order dedicated to stopping a nameless evil, a mysterious sect of an ancient Suel goddess, and a diviner charged with undoing a diabolical ritual: these diverse forces struggle to end a threat in the cradle of the former Occluded Empire of the Whispered One. Is the danger confined to a backwater barony on the edge of the Rushmoors, or is something more at stake? Part One of the “Windows to the Serpent’s Soul” series. APLs 2-12. 

  • COR4-02 The Stone Man’s Puzzle by Ron Lundeen 
    The town of Hardby was in complete disarray when you arrived. The courthouse was broken into and the accused whisked away by a giant man of stone. The tracks should be easy enough to follow—but who would want to spirit away a mere bookkeeper? 

  • COR4-03 Tropical Rendezvous by Michael McKeown 
    In the taverns of the Free City stories have passed down over the years of a shipwrecked adventuring party that explored the Amedio Hook eighteen years ago. However, now the area is controlled by the Scarlet Sign. Your patron wants to know more. She asks for volunteers for a journey across the Azure Sea. Not another sea voyage! A scenario for APLs 2-12.

  • CORS4-01 Sea of Dust by The Circle
    'Time is the fire in which we burn' - Those words echo in your head as your stare across the endless sea of dust before you. The mighty Suel empire, once feared by all, once stood here. Now the fire that burns has washed it clean and time has buried and forgotten it. Sometimes things best left forgotten do not remain so and things thought long dead and swept away in the fires of time return. The shifting winds and dust has revealed a ruined city deep in the Sea of Dust. Time to grab the shovels and see what lurks beneath the dust. 
    A Core Special scenario for APLs 2-16. This scenario will only be available for play at Winter Fantasy 2004.

  • COR4-04 Redtide by James Zweirs 
    Stuck on the blue waters of the Azure sea; stranded in the calms; a simple sail he said, ferrying goods from Hardby to Marner. Anything can happen on the deep blue waters of the Azure. Written for Suel human characters, but survivable by all. A two-round continuous play adventure for characters levels 4-12.

  • COR4-05 Crystal Caverns of the Cairn Hills by Nicholas Tulach 
    Outside of the Free City of Greyhawk lie the burial grounds containing the relics of an era long past. Near one of these cairns is the town Crystalhollow -- a settlement of gnomes who mine for precious metals and gems of incredible value. Greed drives them deep beneath Oerth where they've uncovered something... A two-round adventure recommended for APLs 2-8.

  • COR4-06 Duke of the Dust by Paul Looby 
    The fertile fields of Tenh are no more. The fate of the Tenha people hangs in the balance. Can they survive to reclaim their birthright or will they be scattered forever like wind-blown dust? Part One of the Children of the Dust Trilogy. APLs 2-10

  • COR4-07 TBA by Dave Christ
    Two round.

  • COR4-08 The Letter by Craig Hier
    Today seemed like it was going to be a quiet, peaceful day but a mysterious missive has embroiled you in a mysterious plot. Do you dare take on the challenge or just get out of the way as fast as possible. Either way, the City of Greyhawk may never be the same. A sequel to Face Value. APLs 2-12.

  • COR4-09 A Tiger? In Ahlissa? by Chris Chesher
    Welcome back brave adventurer to Eastfair, the Granite City and capital of the North Kingdom. Your room at The Whirling Dervish is all ready for you as Clinorus has something important to tell you. Are you prepared to dig deeper into the cause and effect of the ritual-like murder from your last stay in Eastfair? The Hextorian government has been of little help, but perhaps you can expedite the situation through other channels. In a city where evil and tyranny rules, the forces of good are the cults, which makes justice and mercy all the more valuable as imports. Part 2 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-6. 

  • COR4-10 Riddle of the Dust by Paul Looby
    The Stonelands - all that remains of the proud Duchy of Tenh. A mystery haunts these barrens, one that promises rebirth for a fallen people. Part Two of the Children of the Dust Trilogy. APL 2-10. 

  • COR4-03 Castle Greyhawk by Jason Bulmahn and David Christ
    For years, the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk have been sealed but no longer. Crazed followers of the mad god have dissappeared inside, inviting the brave, the greedy, the pure, and the wicked to join them. Your invitation arrived this morning. Do you dare to follow them into the most infamous dungeon in all the Flanaess. This is a special event for Living Greyhawk characters of any level. The event is divided into two parts, the low is for characters 8th level and lower, while the high is for 9th leveland up.

  • COR4-11 Crimson Stains of Forgotten History by James Zweirs 
    Embassies are common in this time of tenacious and fragile peace. However, despite this peace and the relative security it brings such embassies are almost always heavily guarded. Now, you have been asked to accompany one such embassy from the Free City of Dekspoint to the North Kingdom. APLs 2 - 16. This is the First Stanza of the Frozen Blood Saga. It is recommended that heroes have played COR4-04 Red Tide before undertaking this adventure.

  • COR4-12 Key to the Grave by Jason Bulmahn
    A poor innkeep has a ghastly problem on his hands. A strange man staying at the inn was found dead in his room, but when the guard arrived to claim the body, it was missing. More troubling though is his possessions and the holy Symbol of an evil god found under his bed. Part Two of the "Key to Greyhawk" series, the first part of which is the "Mad God's Key" found in Dungeon Magazine #114. Playing part one is recommended but not required. APLs 2-6.

  • COR4-13 A Wretched Soul by Mike Hinds
    Fresh from a peaceful sea voyage to Hardby, City of the Scorned, your prowess at daring-do is called upon. The far off jungles of Hepmonaland are your destination with their ferocious beasts and wild Olman who sacrifice outlanders to their alien gods. What motivates the jaded adventurer to take on such a mission? The promise of coin? Assisting those with good cause? Or a chance to redeem the unredeemable? An adventure for APLs 10 to 18. Sequel to Through Nature to Eternity. 

  • COR4-14 Sympathy for the Baatezu by Chris Chesher
    Digging deeper into the dark alleys of Eastfair has cleared up some puzzles, but the sickly dust quickly settles to create new obfuscation. Perhaps it is time to step out for some fresh air. A favor for a favor, new friends may be able to help you help yourself and get to the bottom of this mystery. With the who and hows covered, its time to gather up a motive. The pillows and linen are freshly changed, so a head on over to The Whirling Dervish and get a good rest, you'll need it. Part 3 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-8

  • COR4-15 War Of The Dust by Paul Looby 
    What greater tragedy than a realm at war with itself over the ruins of past glories? What greater sorrow than blood spilled for a legacy of dust? What greater need than hope for a despairing people, than life for a dying land? Part Three of the Children of the Dust Trilogy. APL 4-14. 2 rounds

  • COR4-16 The Frozen Spire by Creighton Broadhurst 
    For almost 40 years, Ice Spire has dominated the eastern approaches to Dunhead Bay. Recent political events however demand the mystery behind the tower’s doom be solved and a surprise discovery links the frigid lands of Ice Spire to the nameless threat lurking in the dark recesses of the Bright Desert. Part 3 of the Sins of Ages Past. APL 6-12.

  • COR4-17 Real Hero Blues by Theron Martin 
    Defeating the forces of evil, assisting those in need, protecting the common folk from dire threats, or undertaking special missions: all these are the purview of heroic adventurers. But what happens when such heroes are themselves in need of help? And what is so important that these heroes are willing to die for it? That is where you come in. A loose sequel to Witch Hunt. APLs 8-16. 

  • COR4-18 It Never Rains in Nyrond by Chris Chesher
    With the constant pressure and sorrow that Eastfair extrudes, even the most stout hearted can get the blues from time to time. But missions must be completed and duties upheld with little time left over for lamenting on greener grass. Now an old friend needs you to carry on where others have failed. A package needs to go from point A to point B, and even with a severe storm brewing, this side trip should not take you far out of the way of your own destination. That said destination being that of the instigator of all this. Part 4 of the Running with the Baatezu series. APL 2-8.

  • COR4-19 That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known by Greg Marks
    A favor takes you from the town of Diamond Lake to the tiny village of Rowanfen on the edge of the Mistmarsh where nothing is quite as it seems. A core adventure in the Domain of Greyhawk for APLs 2 to 6.

  • COR4-20 Like Salt on an Open Wound by Steven Conforti 
    A salt trader asks you to protect her and her entourage. She is seeking a new trade route through the Baklunish West, where tempers are flaring and no merchant caravan is safe. Can you see her safely to Zeif? A Living Greyhawk Core scenario for APLs 2 to 10, and Part One of Blessings of the Shah.

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